Frequently Asked Questions


+ How do I sign up?

Check out our plans and sign up online. We'll mail your new SIM card to you so you can activate it when you're ready. You'll be charged for your first billing cycle upfront, but your subscription won't begin until you activate.

+ Can I keep my existing US phone number?

Yes! It is very easy to transfer your U.S. number in. We accept transfers from all providers except for T-Mobile. At signup, provide us your current number and we'll confirm eligibility to ensure a seamless transfer.

T-Mobile: If you are currently on a T-Mobile plan, you can either sign up for ConnectED Mobile with a new phone number or join our waitlist to be informed of any changes regarding T-Mobile transfers.

+ How do I get my SIM card?

We'll collect your shipping address at signup and send your SIM out for delivery that evening, unless a later ship date is requested. Please allow up to 4 days for shipping by USPS.

Typical ship times by city:

  • Philadelphia: 1 day
  • New York/ Boston: 2 days
  • Chicago: 2-3 days
  • California: 3-4 days

+ How do I activate my SIM card?

After signing up, head to our activation page. ( You can choose to activate "now" or schedule an activation for the date you want to start your service. To kick off activation right away, choose "Activate now." This typically takes around 10 minutes. Pop in your new SIM card with the tool we provided and you'll see a welcome message from our network provider when the activation is complete.

If you choose to schedule your activation, select the day you'd like to start service. Then, pop in your SIM on that day and you'll be ready to go! This is the easiest option for those ordering ahead of their arrival to the US, as they won't need wifi upon arrival to activate from the activation page.

+ How do I transfer my existing US phone number?

Transfers have just one extra step beyond activating. First, select the time that you'd like to kick off your transfer, by going to the activation page and selecting "Schedule your activation." Activation page ( This will allow you to choose when to kick off your transfer. We do this to ensure we're processing your transaction at a time that you are connected to wifi to avoid any disruption of service. In addition to confirming your SIM card number and plan, we'll also collect a few account details from your existing mobile account to prepare for the transfer: your account number, account PIN, account zip code, network provider, and phone number.

With the account information provided, we transfer in your phone number from your existing provider to our network and port it to your new SIM card. This typically completes in around 10-15 minutes, depending on provider. We’ll send you an email when your phone number transfer is complete. This process will also automatically cancel your line with your previous provider.

+ How long is the contract for?

We offer month-to-month contracts for your flexibility in mind. If you sign a longer contract and cancel early, we'll pro-rate you for your remaining billing at the month-to-month rate.

+ What phones are compatible?

You can use our SIM cards on any unlocked GSM device. Not sure if your phone will work? Check here

(If your phone works for them, it works for us!)

+ Do I need to be an international student to sign up?


+ This seems to be too good to be true. What's the catch?

There's no catch! We recognized a need in the market and have spent the last year developing this solution with the nation’s largest 4G LTE mobile network to bring you this plan.

While we cannot publicly advertise who this provider is on our site, if you're curious, shoot us a note and we can privately share.